The Complete Personnel Management Solution

MWP's features include:

  • Ability to define costing to 6 levels.
  • Support for validation or non-validation of cost data.
  • Allows cost accounts to represent any meaningful set of data that can be monitored.
  • Support for user defined labeling of cost levels.
  • Ability to import cost account data from external systems.
  • Ability to define cost allocations based on the data capture device, location, work area and / or workstation.
  • Support for costing based on pay codes, for instance - Annual Leave, Long Service, Sick Leave, etc.
  • Ensures accurate allocation of hours to cost accounts.
  • Supports historical reallocation of work hours to cost accounts.
  • Supports either electronically captured cost transfers, manually entered cost transfers by line managers, or manually entered cost transfers using Employee Self Service.