Improve your business processes


MyWorkplace is designed, developed & maintained to offer a comprehensive solution


MyWorkplace manages your clocks, rostering, and time & attendance requirements providing the following benefits:

MyWorkplace lets you get on with your job


Simple user inferface (UI) design allows you to focus on the job.  Employee times can be automatically approved when no exception exists.


MyWorkplace is consistently reliable

  • Consistently applied payment rules.
  • All leave is captured and managed.
  • Guaranteed award / rules compliance.
  • No manual processing = reduced human error.

MyWorkplace reduces human error

  • Employee timesheets are rapidly processed.
  • No manual calculations = reduced human error.
  • Leave, overtime and other information readily available.
  • No keying of payroll data = reduced human error.

MyWorkplace helps you get it right

Right people + right position + right time + right cost = MyWorkplace

  • Choose the right people, position, and time.
  • Visible labour costs before they are incurred.
  • Award & legislative rules are enforced in the rostering process.
  • Gaps in the rosters are immediately visible.

Information at your fingertips

  • Labour cost information is available daily; not just after payroll is completed.
  • Reports are available in real time.
  • Management reports are designed to assist in controlling labour costs.
  • Automatic production and distribution of reports.

Our Team offer a variety of Services

  • FOCUS implementation methodology for fast ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Compliance to your conditions and protocols.
  • Payroll specialist consultants to work in your team - adding value for you.
  • Full Project Management.