Christine Hudson

Customer SUCCESS TEAM Operations & Delivery Manager


Christine manages the day-to-day operations of the Australian Customer Success Team Consultants and Service Delivery Managers. 

Christine creates a service orientated environment, which delivers you with excellent customer service and drives high performance.  

Christine also leads the Payroll Services team, ensuring the smooth operation of outsourced payment requirements. 


Gerard O'Donnell

Customer SUCCESS TEAM Consultant & Myworkplace Consultant


When you log an iHelp you'll be safely in the hands of either Gerard or Kirk.  

Our Customer Success Team Consultants will guide you through your request, utilising their extensive experience in HCM (Human Capital Management). Gerard gives advice on existing personnel management systems and the benefits of choosing and implementing MyWorkplace.  

If you do proceed, Gerard's here to help at every step along the way.  For existing clients he helps with system changes, training in new features and responding to your queries.


Kirk Renn

Customer SUCCESS TEAM Consultant & Clocks Specialist


When you log an iHelp you'll be safely in the hands of either Kirk or Gerard.  

Kirk provides your technical support and outstanding troubleshooting.  He is also the subject matter expert (SME) when it comes to clocks.


Get help when you need it

Log an iHelp or call us on 1300 156 640

As a Fusion5 customer, you have access to our iHelp system, which provides 24x7 issue logging and tracking.  We manage your iHelps together, until you are happy that the issue has been resolved.


Our Customer Success Team is here for you!


Find out more about the MyWorkplace Team & Service on the Customer SUCCESS TEAM page