Employee Centric Rostering


MyWorkplace lets you roster based on The Employee data Myworkplace collects about their skills & preferences 


MyWorkplace empowers managers to ensure appropriately skilled people are being rostered.  Data is retained that relates to employees' skills and preferences.

  • Enables required manning levels for roles to be defined for 'seasons' or applying date effectiveness.
  • Allows monitoring of hours allocated to employees for nominated periods, thus enabling even allocation of work hours to employees.
  • Identifies 'rostering holes' and over allocation of resources.
  • Ensures appropriately skilled employees are allocated to roles.
  • Provides for availability constraints to be applied, both time and role constraints.
  • Supports auto-allocation of employees to roles within rosters.
  • Supports auto-costing splits across multiple roles.
  • Provides easy manual allocation options for assigning resources to roles and roles to resources.
  • Provides simple viewing of employees' unavailability - booked leave, previous role allocation, or availability constraints.