MyWorkplace allows you to automate a myriad of processes

For most companies, personnel is the most valuable asset and largest expense.  To remain competitive it is crucial that you efficiently and cost effectively manage your resources. We've developed, implemented and supported vital technology to streamline workforce management processes and reduce costs.  

The Complete Personnel Management Solution

MWP's features include:

  • Ability to define costing to 6 levels.
  • Support for validation or non-validation of cost data.
  • Allows cost accounts to represent any meaningful set of data that can be monitored.
  • Support for user defined labeling of cost levels.
  • Ability to import cost account data from external systems.
  • Ability to define cost allocations based on the data capture device, location, work area and / or workstation.
  • Support for costing based on pay codes, for instance - Annual Leave, Long Service, Sick Leave, etc.
  • Ensures accurate allocation of hours to cost accounts.
  • Supports historical reallocation of work hours to cost accounts.
  • Supports either electronically captured cost transfers, manually entered cost transfers by line managers, or manually entered cost transfers using Employee Self Service.

Real Time Costing


MyWorkplace gives you access to real time, accurate information on employee activities throughout their working day 


MyWorkplace empowers managers with vital information to manage the most important resource for any organisation… people.  MyWorkplace enables proactive rather than reactive management to achieve a more profitable outcome.

MyWorkplace's labour costing is a real time costing system that monitors and records time worked on a particular job, cost centre or activity.

Historical data can be retrieved at the push of a button.  This data can be used for more accurate job costing analysis and more accurate estimates when tendering.  In addition, MyWorkplace provides comprehensive reports that pinpoint production areas for improvement, efficiency and cost control.


The MyWorkstation module takes labour costing and recording into the future.

MyWorkplace enables you to create a blueprint of your operations, identifying workstations involved in the supply of your services and / or the manufacture of your products. 

Details regarding the capabilities and capacity of your business operations are captured and used to assist in the development of work rosters and employee skill requirements.




  • Accurately monitor labour utilisation over the entire enterprise.
  • Allocate labour resources more cost effectively.
  • Identify areas of inefficiency.
  • 100% reconciliation of labour and payroll costs.
  • Reduced administrative burden.
  • Low cost of ownership.

Employee Centric Rostering


MyWorkplace lets you roster based on The Employee data Myworkplace collects about their skills & preferences 


MyWorkplace empowers managers to ensure appropriately skilled people are being rostered.  Data is retained that relates to employees' skills and preferences.

  • Enables required manning levels for roles to be defined for 'seasons' or applying date effectiveness.
  • Allows monitoring of hours allocated to employees for nominated periods, thus enabling even allocation of work hours to employees.
  • Identifies 'rostering holes' and over allocation of resources.
  • Ensures appropriately skilled employees are allocated to roles.
  • Provides for availability constraints to be applied, both time and role constraints.
  • Supports auto-allocation of employees to roles within rosters.
  • Supports auto-costing splits across multiple roles.
  • Provides easy manual allocation options for assigning resources to roles and roles to resources.
  • Provides simple viewing of employees' unavailability - booked leave, previous role allocation, or availability constraints.



State-of-the-art biometric / proximity based access control devices


MyWorkplace allows you to accurately manage the access to your site via access controls.  MyAccess enables you to define legitimate access times for employees based on their rosters (once integrated with the Time & Attendance module). You can be assured your site is kept safe from unwanted intruders, using state-of-the-art biometric or proximity based access control devices.


Services that maximise your ROI


MyWorkplace offers a lifetime of service & support with our range of products 


Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our customers.  We assist them with problem solving and achieving goals.  We recognise that the product is only part of the solution; support is imperative, and obtaining optimum return on your investment in our technology.

Our team will guide you through the entire implementation process from project management and product installation to end user training.  The team are well trained and highly skilled in what they do.  They're labour management specialists who understand the unique and complex challenges you face on a day-to-day basis.


Range of Services


Software Maintenance


We believe you should be able to tailor your maintenance support to your unique business requirements


We've established three levels of software maintenance for you:


Basic Maintenance entitles you to limited access to the MyWorkplace Helpdesk plus access to software upgrades at a nominal fee. 

This level of maintenance is designed for those clients who are basically self sufficient in the use of their software but like the security of knowing someone is at the other end of the phone if required. 


Standard Maintenance entitles you to more access time to the MyWorkplace Helpdesk.  You also receive all MyWorkplace software upgrades at no charge. 

Most MyWorkplace clients opt for a Standard Maintenance Agreement.


Premium Maintenance is aimed at the client who wants unlimited access to the MyWorkplace Helpdesk and believes their organisation needs special attention. 

As well as encompassing the features of the standard agreement, a premium agreement will provide you with 4 hours of free onsite consulting or training every quarter.



MyWorkplace offers hardware maintenance agreements.  These provide for a minimum of one preventative maintenance visit on every one of your clocking devices.  If you believe your environment necessitates more than one visit, then hardware maintenance covers you for the cost of repairs in the event of hardware failure.


Our Expertise

Get the best value from your labour management system

We have employed industry consultants to assist you in your efforts to get the best value from your labour management systems.  We have the experience and expertise to assist you to improve the way your current systems work or even help in the selection of new systems.


Software Design

We have a skilled team, in both design and analysis of systems as well as procedures.  We make these skills available to our customers in the form of system development.

If you want to extend the use of MyWorkplace to better suit your business needs, then we would be only too happy to provide the services of a senior analyst programmer to help.  

Whilst our solution is complete, we recognise that custom software is needed on occasions and we are happy to assist you in this area.  The bonus is that customising MyWorkplace doesn't cause you to be stuck on a particular version; we will continue to maintain your modifications in future releases of MyWorkplace.

MWP is more than a traditional T&A system

MWP enables:

  • Optimisation of work rosters to support optimal operations.
  • Planning of employee attendances and absences.
  • Implementation of awards / EBAs.
  • Validation of a profile of your business operations.
  • Control over access to your work premises.
  • Monitoring of employee needs and development to enable a skilled and utilised workforce.
  • Costing of hours to functions and / or jobs.
  • Registration of and action in response to safety incidents.

MWP offers a wide range of data collection devices

Key features:

  • Ethernet connectivity.
  • Visual and audible swipe recognition.
  • Choice of barcode, magnetic strip, proximity cards and /or biometric recognition.
  • Supports activity based costing.
  • Facilitates sirens and hooters.
  • Battery backup.
  • Optional numeric and function keypad.

In addition, we can also provide PDAs, point of sale machines and remote barcode readers.