Why MyWorkplace?

Our top priority is to take care of you! 

MyWorkplace is a people management solution focused on rostering, and time and attendance predominantly for working environments with complicated awards.  MyWorkplace is a risk free solution, which guarantees award / rules compliance.

MyWorkplace is quick to implement, and provides a rapid return on investment (ROI) while being easy to use. MyWorkplace enables significant productivity gains and is easily modified to suit your exact needs. There's no need for you to change your business processes.

Key features & powerful modules designed & developed for the Australasian market.

Benefit from automated & improved business processes & productivity gains.

Managing rosters and T&A is mission critical.  MyWorkplace does it for you!

Since 2001, MyWorkplace has developed, implemented & supported vital technology.  Delivering streamlined workforce management processes and reducing costs for Australian businesses is MyWorkplace's priority.

We recognise that each organisation operates differently


MyWorkplace is a unique solution, specific to your needs


MyWorkplace is a point-to-point solution offering expert advice, software, hardware, implementation, ongoing training and support. We work closely with each of our customers and we recognise that each organisation operates differently. 

MyWorkplace is at The forefront of Rostering and T&A Management 

For most companies, people are the largest expense and most valuable asset.  It is crucial that organisations efficiently and cost effectively manage their HR, to remain competitive.

MyWorkplace develops, implements and supports vital technology to streamline your workforce management processes and reduce your overall costs.


MyWorkplace enables you to automate processes

We can advise you on your existing systems and the benefits of implementing the MyWorkplace solution.  If you do proceed, we're here to help you at every step of the way.  

We can automate your personnel administration, planning, scheduling, T&A management, labour costing, access control, rostering, and workforce reporting processes.


wE Work with you; Together we achieve successful outcomes

We provide a prompt, personalised service. MyWorkplace can be easily modified to suit your needs. There's no need for you to change your business process.

MyWorkplace provides significant productivity gains, ease of use, and a rapid return on investment. 

Our experienced consultants - We're here to support you 

Our Consultants have extensive experience in personnel management solutions, including integrations with other systems.

We can give you expert advise.  If you do proceed we're here to help you at every step along the way. Collaboration is critical component of our successful projects.  

Managing personnel is mission critical

MyWorkplace enables you to manage the personnel across your organisation

Key features & modules developed for the Australasian market.

Benefit from automated business processes & productivity gains.


We help businesses innovate, grow & profit


There are a selection of case studies on our Fusion5 websiteYou can also view the specific MyWorkplace testimonial from Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific.

We chose the MyWorkplace product for two main reasons; firstly, we believed the functionality in the system was ideally suited to our business needs and represented the most cost effective way of meeting those needs. Secondly, the reputation of the people involved in the company is well known to Pacific Brands and we were comfortable that they would deliver on their promises of product and on-going support.
— Karen Stone | Payroll Manager | Pacific Brands Services Group
I must thank you and your team for the professional and efficient way you do business. The documentation we were given was far superior to any documentation received on implementing any previous payroll related software packages. I would definitely give MyWorkplace a 5 Star rating.
— Narrell Warrad | Payroll Manager | Darrell Lea Chocolate Shops
For a manufacturing operation, with the rostering systems and leave planning that we’ve got in place, MyWorkplace does a very good job.
— Kellie Bailey | Payroll Manager | Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific
The My Workplace solution was the best solution for Wrigley for a number of reasons.

1. They had proven experience with ASP. This was important to us because we did not want to maintain a server in house.
2. The system was a lot easier to use than other systems.
3. We believed they were in the best position to cater for our complex award rules.
4. We found that they were very knowledgeable and experienced with T&A
5. In our dealings with them they behaved with integrity and always responded quickly to requests.
6. They were also very competitive on price.
— Mathew Woodbury | Business Analyst | The Wrigley Company
We have just implemented My Workplace. It was very easy to use and the implementation went very smoothly. I am finding that it has cut down my daily workload considerably and is much more accurate than our previous system. The staff at My Workplace are wonderful - they know what customer service is all about. I would have no hesitation in recommending the product and the wonderful service.
— Gayle Conroy | Payroll Manager | Cerebos Australia Limited
Amcor Business Services, now Orora Business Services replaced its Kronos implementation with MyWorkplace some 4 years ago. The system has been live across all of our sites for over three years and we are very happy with the way it is working for us. The feedback from the sites is also positive with the simplicity of use being a major plus. We would be happy to recommend MyWorkplace.
— Peter Munro | Orora Business Systems

Manufacturing, Retail, Health, and Hospitality


Companies have chosen MyWorkplace because we provide a complete solution including time & Attendance, Labour Costing, and Rostering


More and more retailers are recognising MyWorkplace's superior functionality, which provides a broad range of business benefits.  MyWorkplace is well suited to the health industry, with advanced Rostering and Time & Attendance modules.  Some of Australia's leading tourism attractions have chosen MyWorkplace as their personnel management solution.

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